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What if you could live your life over again?

Alter Ego is an online life simulation browser game. (It's hard to explain.)

Alter Ego for Mobile: Alter Ego is also available for iPhone and Android devices!

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We've written down a wishlist of stuff we'd like to add that people have requested.

If you're having technical problems with the game, click here for troubleshooting information.

We also have a group where you can talk about Alter Ego, or send us e-mail at feedback@playalterego.com. If we get a lot of encouragement, maybe we'll get around to implementing stuff on the wishlist! :-)

This game was originally written by Peter Favaro, Ph.D. It was published in 1986 for the Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Apple II, and Macintosh. The Alter Ego browser game is a production of Choose Multiple LLC. Privacy Policy

Updated (September 27, 2009): Updated the in-game icons. Let us know if you like them!

Updated (September 22, 2009): Alter Ego is availble now as an iPhone game! Download Alter Ego now from the App Store!

Updated (August 29, 2009): Alter Ego is available now on the Android market! Download it now for any Android mobile phone.

Updated (May 5, 2009): The game has moved from theblackforge.net to playalterego.com.

Known bugs (June 22, 2009):
Some users are still getting "internal error" messages because Google AppEngine keeps timing out. Google has accepted the bug; we hope it will be fixed soon!

If you encounter any bugs, please send troubleshooting info to support@playalterego.com.